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    Make Money

    Profit rates for each 10,000 views of your video

    Tier / Length 0-15 min 15-30 min 30-50 min 50-Longer min
    Tier 1 $20$35$40$40
    Tier 2 $10$20$25$25
    Tier 3 $5$10$15$15
    Tier 4 $2$5$5$5

    Country Groups :
    Tier 1: United States, Canada, United Kingdom Tier 3: Russian Federation, Ukraine, Austria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Malta, Gibraltar, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela
    Tier 2: Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Brazil, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan Tier 4: Other countries

    - Minimum payout is $25
    - We pay via PayPal or Skrill
    - Any kind of porn/adult material is not allowed
    - It is prohibited to display other element on the embed player.
    - Attempting to gain revenue using illegit methods will result in a ban.
    - Video Views are counted unique. Only one view is added per user in 24 hours.
    - Download stats are usually live but could be delayed up to 24 hours.
    - The videos never expire, they are never deleted.

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